Company History

Pioneers in the Industry.

  • 1q, 1993 – Built a Regional Feature Group D-based Network (10[10]626) to successfully run a long distance customer base as Delta Telecom, Switched name in 1996 to Tel-One Network Services in 1996. (now divested)
  • 2q, 1993 – Obtained California Public Utilities Commission C.P.C.N. to operate as a Public Utility
  • 2q, 1993 – Developed first Microsoft SQL-based telecom Back-Office and Billing Software (SQL v4.2b actually ran under IBM’s OS/2, because Windows wasn’t developed enough by that point to run SQL Server)
  • Wrote Airnet AMS as a method of providing billing to long distance customers; adoped a native double-byte Japanese character-set to enable a Japanese Long Distance reseler to maintain customers in native Japanese, with full language search capabilities under SQL and Windows 3.11 (at a time when no such thing existed)
  • 1q, 1994 – Worked with semiconductors provided by Mitel, Siemens, Motorola, and Dallas Semiconductor, and Level3 Semiconductors, to develop new, innovative switching technologies, at a time when DSC, DMS, and 4ESS were almost exclusively utilized in Central Offices.
  • 1996 – Implemented a network of Switching Systems that utilized pseudo-SS7 via TCP/IP to function in a distributed environment, to process calls via a script-driven IVR system.
  • 2001, Founded Tempo Project, a case-study in the distribution of Voice Over I.P.
  • 2001, Applied for Patents (Pending), for SMS-triggered delivery of information services, based upon GSM mobile telephone networks; GSM is now the dominant technology utilized worldwide.
  • Maintain a set of sophisticated Geocode-driven telecommunications tax-tables and rating-engines on behalf of our own clients, as well as competitors; A full time staff updates the tables, and maintains relationships with over 8,000 federal, state, county, and municipal tax jurisdictions.
  • TelSwitch Inc. created an integrated, script-driven, multi-function IVR and Enhanced Services platform, capable of maintianing multiple services on a unified platform.
  • We currently maintain 7 such switches in various locations in order to allow our clients to provide highly specialized and taylored services to their customers.
  • Co-located with major carriers Global Crossing, Qwest, and Wiltel, as well as several smaller ones, 100,000+ calls, per day, of custom-IVR are virtually provided by our clients to their customers.
  • Services include prepaid and postpaid calling cards, prepaid long distance, geographically driven services, ANI recognition, hospitality applications, and airline arrival and departure times.
  • Recently, we enabled each switch with web-driven content, as well as true text-to-speech applicability, as to allow any internet-based content to be read over the telephone, with keypad responses to control the dialogue.
  • Utilizing protocol converters developed by TelSwitch Inc., one of the world’s largest credit bureaus serves up hundreds of thousands of credit reports per-month to retail, financial, banking, and communications industries.
  • … and several other projects, both ongoing and otherwise, that we would enjoy the opportunity to bring to your attention…