Our Management Team

In 1994, when TelSwitch Inc. became an officially licensed facilities-based telecommunications carrier, we did some rather innovative things; and we never stoped since. Ever since, TelSwitch Inc. has played an important role in developing new technologies, and continuing to revolutionize the telecommunications field with innovative services to meet the ever expanding expectation of our clients and their customers. It is this perseverence that has won TelSwitch Inc. recognition from many industry insiders, and had also generated fanfare regrading the patents that TelSwitch Inc. currently has in its’ posesion. We are the fastest growing back-office and billing company currently in the United States. Thanks to a very efficient and innovative staff, TelSwitch, Inc. maintains one of the most highly efficient back-office environments in the telecommunications industry.

Through aggressive promotion of new products and services, and the methods to manage them, the customers of our clients continue to recognize the strengths of value-added benefits of working with our clients – making them more money. If you are the type of innovator who would be interested in joining our team, we would like to hear from you.

Aaron Woolfson – President

As President and CEO of TelSwitch Inc., Mr. Woolfson is responsible for making sure that the long term objectives of our clients are met thru planning of innovative and creative products and services meant to enable the future needs to subscribers of our current, and prospective clients.

“It is a balance of allowing a client to freely define who they are, and be creative with brand-identity, while maintaining the stability and image necessary within the context meeting the desires of clients, ” states Mr. Woolfson.

“Since 1994, we have been defining the manner in which telecommunications carriers manage their portfolio of products and services … and that is why they are profitable. Our clients are innovative, progressive, stable, and profitable.”

To that end, 2005 represents the fastest acquisition of new customers that our client company has ever experienced.” It is wonderful to see our family of clients grow and blossom so wonderfully.

“We really are truly fortunate to have such spectacular clients, and our positive performance, is demonstrative of that.”


Paul Jonson – Business Strategist

Providing software, business intelligence, and integrated solutions to companies worldwide, for 15 years, Mr. Jonson possesses the multi-disciplinary skills in Software Design and Implementation necessary for V.L.S.I. projects and development of enterprise-wide solutions. Chosen by Microsoft as one of their partners of the year (2003), Mr. Jonson has spent considerable time forging alliances with various industry leaders, from both a Partnering, as well as a Value-Added Reselling perspective. In late 2004, Mr. Jonson profitably divested himself of his interestes in a company called Solutions Unlimited, which he founded in the mid-ninties.


Ted Kubaitis, Content Integrator

Formerly an N.C.S.A. (Urbana, Illinois) programmer, Mr. Kubaitis brings significant experience to the technological advancements of TelSwitch Inc’s products. In Specific, the programming that brought about the web-based content integrator of the IVR, as well as the Credit Bureau Protocol-Converter, could not have been possible without Mr. Kubaitis’s involvement in the Company. Prior to his involvement at TelSwitch Inc., Mr. Kubaitis provided the skillsets of Chief Software Architect for QL2 Software (Seattle, WA), where he built analytical engines for computing and intelligently analyzing prices by, and for, the Airline Industry.


Michael Foster – Chief Hardware Architect

Despite being very humble about his knowledge of analogue and digital circuitry techniques, Mr. Foster has developed an impressive portfolio of products, both consumer and industrial based, during his 13- year Tenure at TelSwitch Inc. Whether Mr. Foster is innovating a fun product, such as a talking alarm clock, or discussing the best methods for fiber-to-fiber transmission of telephone calls along optical backplanes, his ideas have been a cornerstone of development at TelSwitch, where there’s many, many different methods to derive the result.


Kevin Young – Founder, CDR Data

Mr. Young’s experience in the telecommunications industry transcends most individuals within the business itself. His fair-and-balanced approach to business relationships with clients has gained Mr. Young significant respect from both peers and competitors; and over the years, has gained recognition for his knowledge, listening skills, and approach to the marketplace. In specific, his background in Back-Office System Placement and Development has contributed significantly toward the success of many carriers. Mr. Young’s 30-years of Experience at Innovation, provides a valuable asset to both the management and clients of TelSwitch Inc. Mr. Young currently manages a company called CDR Data Corporation, which actively provides Call Accounting Services.


Laurie Minouei, Tax Database Coordinator

Ms. Minouei has brought an important set of relationship management skills to TelSwitch Inc. On a daily basis, she continues to develop her investigative methods into the often complicated and conflicting set of rules and methods for the calculation of telecommunications taxes. The extensive relationships that Ms. Minouei has forged with the Administrators of over 8,000 Federal, State, County, and Local jurisdictions, is a critical piece of the Geocode-based tax database product that TelSwitch Inc. has produced in joint cooperation with and Stuff Software.