A Long Standing Commitment to Customers.

In 1994 TelSwitch, Inc. became a licensed telecommunications utility within the State of California. Ever since, President and CEO Aaron Woolfson has been blazing the technology development trail “building equitable relationships where success and profitability is the inevitable side effect.”

What sets Woolfson’s company apart from the rest of the telecommunications pack is his unique way of providing client products and services.

“We’re in the business of making relationships work,” says Woolfson. “The whole idea is to make the client profitable.

“For example, a client processes a million dollars in credit card transactions a month. Through TelSwitch’s ability to create integration systems with direct banking relationships, the client saves $25,000 a month in processing fees. Cost to client: zero.

“And it’s very logical,” Woolfson explains, “because the savings that they experience will inevitably lead to further profitability and cost savings.”

According to Woolfson, his company is able to pass on extraordinary savings with unique, innovative technologies, providing expert services, “Through owning the rights to patents and technology enhancements. In this way TelSwitch is able to facilitate production development and enhancement to build value without additional cost.

“If the cost of doing business is dependent upon many variable factors, we remove those additional costs and bring an average of 20% increase in margin for our clients.

TelSwitch’s products and services make them a telecommunications industry leader because, Woolfson says, “We’re one of the few companies who own core technologies that continues to invest substantial funds into further developments.

“From credit and demographic analysis to efficient management of customers and the networks they utilize, TelSwitch has the tools to enable and empower your carrier.”

According to Woolfson, “The biggest challenge now is finding exciting technologies and products for our customers to provide to their clients – we spend a lot of time and money on developing unique telecom related products.”

The reason TelSwitch is succeeding in its mission, Woolfson declares, is because, “Our goal is writing and developing business products and services that are good business for all parties involved.”