Working Together

Welcome to TelSwitch Inc.

You’re here because you’re:

  • a client;
  • a competitor;
  • a company or individual looking for quality back-office, billing, and telecommunications management software.

While many individuals know right away that TelSwitch Inc. is a natural fit for their operations, we invite you to take every opportunity to enjoy our competitors websites, and to be an informed consumer; an informed customer, and a well educated company, is the only type of client that TelSwitch Inc. has.


It’s a Pleasure doing Business.

We take great pleasure in seeing our clients succeed. Engaging in solid business relationships to bring profitability to all parties is good business.

Companies come to TelSwitch Inc. for:

  • Award-winning Back Office, Billing, and Provisioning Software;
  • High-qualify, script-driven IVR platforms;
  • Comprehensive telecom tax-database tables;
  • Patent-pending, SMS-triggered systems;
  • and many other products.

Our roster of customers includes not only other software companies (our competitors), but many major telephone service providers, many of whom you’re probably working with right now. Perhaps even the one that referred you to us.


Our Clients

Inherent in challenges of the industry, not every telecom company is going to succeed – with exception – the odds are significantly stacked in the favor of Our Clients. It is our desire to keep our exclusive clients profitable. In fact, Airnet AMS is not necessarily a good fit for everyone. To the extent that we appreciate the success of our esteemed clients, we continue to work hard to make them successful through every turn of their business:

  • TelSwitch Inc. makes available hundreds of thousands of dollars per year worth of Research and Development.
  • We aggressively promote new products and make available new, enhanced services to our clients, for their exclusive use.
  • Through assisting our clients in bringing additional market opportunities through exclusive innovations, we build value to the customers.

However well we may wish all prospective clients, we do maintain a fairly sophisticated process to determine the applicability of our products toward a prospective client, including:

  • Capability to provide creative marketing to products and services.
  • Ability to maintain positive customer relationships in order to grow customer base.
  • Progressive management of products and services to build value.
  • Customers who are able to see innovative approaches to meeting the needs of customers.
  • Strong management expertise to provide the necessary elements that are required for success in this highly competitive industry.

Our clients have been fortunate to enjoy a high degree of success, and TelSwitch Inc. takes upon itself the careful respoonsibility to ensure that we only select clients that will recognize profitability and success thru utilizing our products.