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Getting Down to Business

We work hard to make sure that our clients have the tools necessary to effectly compete, and prosper, in today’s business environment. Companies tell us that our products are Reliable, Easy to Use, Consistent and Affordable.


• Airnet AMS 2005

Airnet AMS – A complete CRM system; includes Billing, Rating, Taxing, Commissioning, Provisioning, Tracking, Integration, Reporting, Analysis, A/R, Agent Management, and CSR Functions. The Core Technology of a Telephone Company – much more than a Billing System, this comprehensive software provides active management facilties for every aspect of maintaining a telecommunications company.

• Telecom Tax Database

Geobase – A Tax Rating Engine that utilizes a set of Rules to place the appropriate taxes on each call. Thousands of federal, state, county, and local tax elements are maintained. Distributed monthly, telephone companies are able to place accurate taxes on telephone calls. The preferred Geocode driven- Rating and Taxing can be computed on a stand-alone basis, or may be incorporated into other billing systems for the computation respective taxes.

• IXC-10 Canvas

IXC-10 Canvas – An Enhanced IVR Platform that maintains multiple, sophisticated Call Processing and Routing Applications. In addition to maintaining basic IVR and call processing functions, the platform provides advanced techniques for integration of WEB- and EMAIL-based content.

• X.25 Convert

X.25 Convert – Web-driven and XML-derived content is converted, and provided, to systems and computers through RS-232 and X.25 methods. As a method of extending the life of legacy comuter systems, we have built an engine capable of taking any internet- content and providing in an alternate format. This is particularily useful for maintaining computers expecting “traditional” data feeds, such as in the Credit, Finance, and Airline industries. which rely heavily upon mainframe-to-mainframe communications.